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Channel Islands - Jersey

Over Thanksgiving holidays, we visited Jersey in the Channel Islands.  The hotel had just begun decorating for Christmas.
001 201611.27 Richard and Suzanna

We searched for a church to attend on Sunday before we flew home.  We were disappointed that there were so few churches in Jersey.  We did find an active Methodist church.
002 201611.25 St Helier, Jersey - Methodist Center

Elizabeth Castle is a castle on a tidal island within the parish of Saint Helier, Jersey. Construction was started in the 16th century when the power of cannon was needed to defend the Island and the port of St. Helier.  At high tide the castle is surrounded by water of the English Channel.
003 201611.25 St Helier, Jersey - Elizabeth Castle at High Tide

Elizabeth Castle was named after Elizabeth I who was the queen of England around the time the castle was built.  You can walk out to the castle along the causeway at low tide.
004 201611.26 St Helier, Jersey - Elizabeth Castle at Low Tide

004b 201611.26 St Helier, Jersey - Elizabeth Castle at Low Tide

The tidal island called L'Islet (The Islet) where Elizabeth Castle stands was originally the site of the Abbey (later Priory) of Saint Helier. The Crown confiscated the monastic buildings during the Reformation and surviving buildings were used for military purposes.
005 201611.26 Jersey_Elizabeth Castle

Here is a view of St Helier from Elizabeth Castle during low tide.  During the German occupation (1940-1945) there were added extensive fortifications to the castle.
006 201611.26 St Helier, Jersey - Elizabeth Castle at Low Tide

Jersey War Tunnels - During World War II, England left Jersey defenseless and the Island became occupied by German forces from 1940 to 1945.  The Jersey War Tunnels bear witness to the particular cruelty of the Nazi regime.
007 201611.25 Jersey War Tunnels Entrance

Dug deep into the hillside by forced and slave workers from nations across Europe, the extraordinary Jersey War tunnels run over 1km in length.  They now contain an underground collection of thought provoking galleries that detail Jersey’s occupation history from resistance, through to starvation, and then eventual liberation.
008 201611.25 Jersey War Tunnels - Air Raid Shelter

In the Jersey War tunnels is a working German Enigma encryption machine.
009 201611.25 Jersey War Tunnels - Enigma Machine

Near the end of WW II, the Red Cross was allowed to deliver food to the local residents on the island.  Note that the Red Cross supplies are primarily from Canada and New Zealand.
010 201611.25 Jersey War Tunnels - Red Cross Aid

There were several pictures showing the celebrations when England was finally able to liberate the island from the Germans.
011 201611.25 Jersey War Tunnels -Celebrating Freedom in 1945

In the center of St Heliers is a memorial to the liberation of the Channel Islands in 1945.
012 201611.25 St Helier, Jersey - Liberation Square

Near our hotel was an interesting example of home construction from the years of the prior century.
013 201611.26 St Helier, Jersey Gingerbread House

One day we walked the 9 mile length of the island.   Along the way we stopped to see an old church in St Albans.
014 201611.26 St Albans, Jersey

At the end of our 9 mile trek, we arrived at the Cobiere Lighthouse which is on the extreme south-western point of Jersey.   The lighthouse is situated on a rock that is a tidal island. A causeway links the lighthouse to shore at low tide.
015 201611.26 Jersey - Corbière Lighthouse

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