Oh, the sights we see here in South Asia!  Goods and services are delivered quite differently on this side of the world!   Much of the work is done manually.    Manual labor is usually cheaper than construction equipment or trucks.

Moving Day!
201001_01 Moving Household Goods_SM

Look, no hands!
200905_28 Basket on Head_SM

Construction workers carry heavy loads of bricks and sand
200910_31 Constr Wkrs, heavy loads_SM

Many businesses and services are conducted along the roads.  No building – no business taxes and no rent payments.

Much of the goods and services are delivered using hand-pulled trolleys, bicycle trolleys, carried or simply herded down the streets. 

No wonder we are without electricity so much of the time!
200906_3 Electric Wires_SM02

Zz_200909_Bangladesh Power Lines




Goods & Services